Capt. Nick Everse

Captain Nick Everse has grown up fishing on Lake Michigan and has over 10 years of fishing experience. He is CPR/First-Aid certified for the safety and well being of everyone aboard his boat. Being a younger captain, Nick is always staying up-to-date on new fishing techniques and is not afraid to make the necessary changes to put you on fish. He is willing to travel to new or different locations to find the fish, while other boats will not spend the money to do so. Captain Nick loves kids and is an easygoing fun loving guy. He promises to ensure that everyone will have an awesome experience. Nick was a 1st mate on a Lake Michigan charter boat prior to becoming a captain, and you can be assured, he will be proactive using his mating experience to help catch fish. He is very willing and excited to help everyone learn the tricks and techniques to successful fishing. Captain Nick is very dedicated to the sport and will do whatever it takes to catch fish and make your charter experience enjoyable.